Tattoo Removal

Erasing Mistakes? Regrets? Fading for a cover up? Rethinking that ink?

How does tattoo removal work with Q-switched ND YAG laser? Laser technology delivers energy to the skin via light waves. This heats up the ink pigment, which causes it to break up into smaller particles, which can be gradually removed by the body’s lymphatic system.

What to expect.

Your technician will apply a topical numbing cream to the area thirty minutes prior to the treatment. The treatment is very quick and will only take a matter of minutes based on the size of your tattoo.

How many treatments will I need?

Everyone’s biological makeup is unique which can make tattoo removal tricky. Ink depth, age of the tattoo, location of the tattoo, what type of ink was used, how much ink was used, overall health of the individual, and smoking all play significant roles in removing a tattoo successfully. Typically, 6 to 15 treatments is recommended. It may not be possible to completely erase a tattoo, especially the stubborn blue and green inks. After your first treatment you can come back every 5 weeks until the desired results have been achieved.

What does it feel like?

The pain is tolerable. It has been compared to what it feels like when getting a tattoo. Many patients claim that it feels like a hot rubber band snapping against the skin.

What to expect after the treatment.

The ideal clinical endpoint is an immediate whitening “frosting” of the skin that will subside immediately after the treatment is complete. There may be mild redness and swelling that can be treated with a cold compress. As with all lasers, there is always a chance of blistering and scarring. The treatment may destroy body pigment as well as tattoo pigment and leave a white patch.

Post treatment care.

After your treatment you will want to refrain from heating your body up for 24 – 48 hours. Meaning you should avoid: Hot water, steam, sauna, hot tub, sun and tanning bed exposure for that period of time. Drink lots of water to help flush the ink. Lymphatically massage the area every day for 5 – 10 minutes. Do not smoke. The sites may blister and need to be covered in a salve and bandaged for a few days. The more treatments, the less aftercare there is since there is less ink reacting to the laser.

Who is a good candidate for tattoo removal?

Usually, individuals who have fair skin and have a dark tattoo get the best results. However, if you have a darker skin tone, we can still effectively remove/reduce your tattoo. Darker skin tone can experience lightening or darkening of their skin in the treated area.

Tattoo Removal – Black Ink Only:

Small ( up to 2″ x 2″) $125 (single treatment) $700 (6 treatments)

Medium ( up to 4″ x 4″) $150 (single treatment) $800 (6 treatments)

Large ( up to 6″ x 6″) $225 (single treatment) $1,200 (6 treatments)

Larger than 6″ x 6″ or unique shape or color, please schedule a free consultation for pricing.